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We want to build a more conversational company – one where you, the user, have more of a say in the decisions we make. That kind of conversation requires more than asking you to put your satisfaction on a scale of one to ten. It means giving you a way to express your thoughts fully, without being limited to preselected options. prides itself in helping you get your thoughts down. Let us do the same with asking for your input about

This is an open-ended prompt for feedback about your experience with Here are a series of questions that can help guide your response:

Feel free to swerve off from these questions to give feedback that is uniquely your own. Our hope is that opening up feedback in this way will give us a better sense of how we're doing. Not only that, it will help guide how we build upon and improve for you in the future.

Thanks for writing with us, and thanks in advance for your feedback!

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