The Experiential Holosphere – Pawing at the Numbers

The Experiential Holosphere – Pawing at the Numbers

This is an exercise designed to begin to orient your subconscious to the idea that not only did the ancients understand advanced mathematics (but this gives concrete audio and visual with numbers examples, of the spatial relationships on the earth these pyramids i giza, stone henge, and so on form- and they all are at 19.5 degrees lat globally, which um again relates to the super plasma brothers fiasco. but, I promised myself to keep this short for your sanity.

To do this exercise all you have to do is put the video on. You don't even have to watch it, your subconscious automatically maps out everything. This is the one thing they keep from you in school by the way, and its the super powerful secret that shifts your life from occasional success to a proper human reality generating machine. because as a HUM-an, and i am just playing around here, you are humming along, “augmenting nature.” :-p

Okay, so I'm hosting the video, and re-encoded an already re-encoded version from youtube and am hosting it at what will later become a with written permission cdn as part of the realized network . earth project. here's the video, and the mans name is Carl P. Munck.

Then after watching or listening to at least 7 minutes, even if you go out of the room for some of it, or stop “listening”, as long as it's at a volume you were able to hear it at when you started, unless you turned on music over it, your brain is hearing it.

This exercise is also about logical processing styles and executive ordering of operators and variables, – thinking styles, but only in a small subset of a small part, if you will.

But it's interesting and its a good video any how. In this case a presentation about ancient stone temples and math from the gentleman that is rumoured to have invented GPS (can anyone confirm or deny this? I've looked the stones did not turn, alas.)

** but also meta physics and energy grid systems and pretty intriguing stuff. **

I am going to jump to a random section of video wait for it to load after hitting play and just let it rip for seven minutes when I do mine. Don't wait for me, dive in!

The Code By Carl P. Munck – @

The idea is to understand and reinforce the concept that you are a tape recorder for reality, – because you ARE a projection unit for creating and formulating new reality fabric and events and things from complete scratch.
You'd need to be able to record every waking thing you chose to expose yourself to ...if you had the power to alter the fabric of space time * (which you do to an extent), * – and you'd need naturally to keep track of everything relevant to your sewing – or what have you in order to execute it without harming anyone else by accident.

anyway, have fun.

Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt, a part of Carl Munck's Code

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