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Name them, or name them and then write about it, up to you! Minimum of 5 things. :)


The Experiential Holosphere – Pawing at the Numbers

This is an exercise designed to begin to orient your subconscious to the idea that not only did the ancients understand advanced mathematics (but this gives concrete audio and visual with numbers examples, of the spatial relationships on the earth these pyramids i giza, stone henge, and so on form- and they all are at 19.5 degrees lat globally, which um again relates to the super plasma brothers fiasco. but, I promised myself to keep this short for your sanity.

To do this exercise all you have to do is put the video on. You don't even have to watch it, your subconscious automatically maps out everything. This is the one thing they keep from you in school by the way, and its the super powerful secret that shifts your life from occasional success to a proper human reality generating machine. because as a HUM-an, and i am just playing around here, you are humming along, “augmenting nature.” :-p

Okay, so I'm hosting the video, and re-encoded an already re-encoded version from youtube and am hosting it at what will later become a with written permission cdn as part of the realized network . earth project. here's the video, and the mans name is Carl P. Munck.

Then after watching or listening to at least 7 minutes, even if you go out of the room for some of it, or stop “listening”, as long as it's at a volume you were able to hear it at when you started, unless you turned on music over it, your brain is hearing it.

  • Tell us 3 to 5 things you remember from the video, and perhaps why one of them was important or stood out to you. *

This exercise is also about logical processing styles and executive ordering of operators and variables, – thinking styles, but only in a small subset of a small part, if you will.

But it's interesting and its a good video any how. In this case a presentation about ancient stone temples and math from the gentleman that is rumoured to have invented GPS (can anyone confirm or deny this? I've looked the stones did not turn, alas.)

** but also meta physics and energy grid systems and pretty intriguing stuff. **

I am going to jump to a random section of video wait for it to load after hitting play and just let it rip for seven minutes when I do mine. Don't wait for me, dive in!

The Code By Carl P. Munck – @

The idea is to understand and reinforce the concept that you are a tape recorder for reality, – because you ARE a projection unit for creating and formulating new reality fabric and events and things from complete scratch.
You'd need to be able to record every waking thing you chose to expose yourself to ...if you had the power to alter the fabric of space time * (which you do to an extent), * – and you'd need naturally to keep track of everything relevant to your sewing – or what have you in order to execute it without harming anyone else by accident.

anyway, have fun.

Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt, a part of Carl Munck's Code


reaction, observation, synthesis, analysis, invention, or no action?

what else is there? I mean we have perception, but -

if we think we're missing something collectively, we had better start figuring out ** what ** that is. or what they are if there's more than one sense or input or whatever that we can operate with but are not-currently-using.

Btw. my random thought of the day yet unexplored: a genius holds a lot of genes. (no idea. i was washing dishes.) okay but about the question,

What other ways to approach either making a thing yet known or imagined from scratch, or affecting/effecting the change we can visualize to see or ultimately really want (even if we don't think its going to be possible in that moment or ever), are there?

How do we get to where we really want? But most can't even see because they settled, and forgot anything was possible.... ?! But that's not what I'm asking.

That kind of question will just give me every answer I don't want and here's why:

It will trigger all the linear roadworks of your life, and a backwards exploration to immediately find the best and closest fit line from your stored memories and experiences, you'll feel you answered the question emotionally- your brain will turn off, and you'll feel done, but I will be sitting here having watched an en-grained routine that serves well for work and school, but has absolutely zero bearing on creativity or imagination, will or bringing new things to life that solve problems, that didn't exist, to solve the problem in a way that solves the problem, not puts more band-aids and tape over it, or makes it into something else, and sells it to ten different parties, and now it's new stuff instead of waste, but it's still not solving the problem, and to make up some latin – “ad extrapola,” et viola- wave a wand and wiggle it a few times and most of the world is like tihs if you are paying attention, but that sucks and I want to fix that.

So in the interest of actually thinking like an innnovator we have to think in different ways.. New ways, and yet keep the old contextually if they are relevant to provide whatever they do- but not be overcome by those patterns, also- in the dance, in your envisioning of what you want to achieve by your will and imagination. You've been trained to use it incompletely and then fill your time with meaningless distraction and more “audio books” from the general store, if you will- , and it's not your fault. Of course, that's also not everybody, but I am speaking to the elements that characterize aspects of the problem, and since that problem involves limiting the way people think to influence their behavior over entire lifetimes, and multiple generations – there is a great and tremendous unseen power in what I'm doing here, so please don't discount it, because when this is figured out, it will be transformative for the entire human race.

So in the interest of innovating.. and doing things I know we can but have currently at large, forgotten- lets look for clues. without looking for clues.

so- Um-

the all knowing tiger

The question is this: If you were on another planet, but you were safe- you were in a room that you could tell you were the only one there, and nobody could get in or out, and you somehow didn't have to eat or use the bathroom or anything like that- or sleep.

but! you have a familiar problem in front of you to solve, and all the crap that goes along with it that you'd normally use. but you have a new challenge.

how do you get what you would want in your wildest dreams, with what is directly in front of you?

tell me what's missing.

but more importantly -

tell me how you figured out what was missing. THAT is my question. thank you humbly and kindly,

..and share.


Tell us about it.


i dont want to be mis-leading, and have a lot of work to do with,so this is really harshing the mellow of launching a global network to re harmonize humanity , lol, but this to be working again. —this is a test— can you submit a test sentence? or paragraph? i have been working with the engineers that wrote this- and we are trying to figure it out.


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hello. I have ben waiting 3 weeks for this fix, and paying for this thing. I dont like that part. but mostly i realize software is imperfect and it works eventually, but it was working then stopped! there are not enough config options to actually fix anything myself here, so i feel very in the dark and kinda screwed.


there is no wrong answer here, however if you have 3 minutes and 3 seconds, I'm curious how this feels, not what you think it is, or isn't, or if you “understand” or it. :–)

I want to share this by itself, because I don't think anyone even noticed it yet, and took me a while to make for you..


this prompt is for everyone that sees this, nobody specifically. i started with the disclaimer since most people only know facebook and this is a different website. this is free. you own your stuff here, facebook does not exist. lets go on ~!!!

your comment will be seen by the entire blog, and appear in the blog. know this, expect this, and ideologically and psychically for you if this is any different than facebook- please examine your inter personal boundaries with the world, as a gentle heart felt nudge- because there is something you are probably avoiding, in your heart.

I love you.


(I do.)

from facebook: here: – let's play a game: how does this make you #feel ? how does this make you feel?

this is instead of a facebook “comment” box, please put your answer here. this is running on software built by a contemporary of mine, and a very talented gentleman named Matt. Unlike Mark, Matt believes in the basic human rights to the things you say and do online, besides not being a dick- and being neat.

Nothing you type here is owned by Matt, or me, or anyone else, unlike facebook. ok coo. anyway, ~ read on ?! :)

… there is no wrong answer here, however if you have 3 minutes and 3 seconds, I'm curious how this feels, not what you think it is, or is...…

Avicia Seraphirah your statement of brave, authentic honesty inspired my heart. i wrote all the above because it was so joyous to me to see someone admitting they have been quietly vouching for their self image with likes and loves, but not saying a lot probably because life is crazy everywhere~ and i want you to know I see and more importantly feel the effort you're putting into the world. this may sound strange, but as a metaphysician we have a slightly different awareness of the world given that we actively and intentionally study inter-connected disciplines with the goal of finding the greatest and least common denominator story of life that connects all the chemistry, biology, physics, alchemy, secret govt stuff, aliens, and the whole damn shephards pie.. but yeah man – i see patterns. and the pattern i see is the things you click on are the things i give a flying shit about, and you dont click on any of the stuff i dont give a shit about and just feed the facebook algorithm in hopes it notices im here based on those patterns.. LOL this life is a maze. heres what you inspired that i was thinking about earlier today anyway, you just motivated me to actually put the thought onto the klackety klack klack, and save it on my laptop. So, Thank you. =–) 🙂 !


Can be short or long, just make sure it's got meaning for you.

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