Tell your Covid-story

The goal of this project is to provide a platform for people to write and share a description of their experiences with Covid-19 in a way that is both accessible to anyone, and respectful of the privacy of those sharing their experiences.

Our hope is that by sharing as many first-hand experiences and stories as possible, we can help to humanize the impact of Covid-19.

Societally, we are struggling to separate the signal from the noise in all the information coming at us. By writing, reading and sharing these accounts, we can take a break from the charts, the statistics, the breaking headlines and daily totals to be reminded that this is happening to people. To families — to mothers and cousins and uncles and grandparents. Co-workers and neighbors. People from every walk of life, from our daily lives in our communities.

Please take a moment to write about your experience— it could help someone understand all of this better.

submissions will be held for moderation to remove any personally identifying information. feel free to use any name/email if you are not comfortable sharing your information.

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