this is a free form citizen news journal.

just, follow this basic format and that's it. oh and try to be reasonable with your post volume, and quality of journalism. :)

  1. give us one source or article, link or something as a thing to follow up on. you add a link to a post by typing it in the following format without the quotation marks.

so, french hummingbird species newly discovered to exist on mars and then it shows up as a link, in this case this one wont go anywhere.

  1. say something, and the submit it. the idea is to have a global news desk, that while it wont take the bias out of news, at least it stands some chance of de centralizing things to some point and providing a reliable network of people who are willing to pop on here and there in case something really weird ever did occur, but- in general, this is a community driven news site-

  2. it has to be important to you, or at least you have some idea of whats going on, or at least be “worth posting.” and then of course, please do point #2, and submit et viola!

:D I hope you guys understand I don't do all this to entertain myself. This stuff is for you. Jump in!

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