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Coherent Unified Data Modeling and Observational Synthesis of Global Events - "Present, Past, + Imagined" [ Here on Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, I mean @Earth. ]

What is one event recently that is memorable to you in your area or globally and what does it mean for you?


image artists rendering by : R. Hurt, (SSC-Caltech) /CalTech/JPL -NASA (http://astropix.ipac.caltech.edu/image/spitzer/ssc2008-05a)

let the world know!

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just, follow this basic format and that's it. oh and try to be reasonable with your post volume, and quality of journalism. :)

  1. give us one source or article, link or something as a thing to follow up on. you add a link to a post by typing it in the following format without the quotation marks.

so, french hummingbird species newly discovered to exist on mars and then it shows up as a link, in this case this one wont go anywhere.

  1. say something, and the submit it. the idea is to have a global news desk, that while it wont take the bias out of news, at least it stands some chance of de centralizing things to some point and providing a reliable network of people who are willing to pop on here and there in case something really weird ever did occur, but- in general, this is a community driven news site-

  2. it has to be important to you, or at least you have some idea of whats going on, or at least be “worth posting.” and then of course, please do point #2, and submit et viola!

:D I hope you guys understand I don't do all this to entertain myself. This stuff is for you. Jump in!

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Tell us the big news story in your town today. Whatever it is, tell us about it, and what it means to your community, and to you personally. Be descriptive, and then hit submit!

All submissions that are not fcking vulgar will be accepted. If you'd rather make up a news story, be clear as the blazing daylight in your post it is fictional or parody at the top in a ## size header or block quote at the VERY beginning. If you don't I'll edit it politely for you before I usher it out onto earthbound.news .. :-D

Have fun.


(the news desk editor)

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Topic: “It Happened in my Town”

Expectation: Tell us about something that happened today that holds meaning.

Length: Please just more than a sentence or two, but it doesn't have to be long.

Due Date: I said this was an open submission. :– )

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Local scoop. Or global if you got it.

Fill the form, it will make the earthbound news... .:. ...

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the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step…

lets work together and be the change we want to see.

Let us know what you’d like to contribute, what you’re good at, or surprise us!

With Gratitude, (a humble consortium of humans just like you.)

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