Write.as Cues

Weekly encouragements to help you express yourself.

We want to ask a general question — how does writing make you feel? Here are some primer questions you can respond to as well:

Is writing a natural process for you or a forced act?

Do ideas rush out of you or constantly stuck?

What benefits do you get out of writing?

We will publish these responses to our writing community over at Read Write.as.


  1. Fill out the form below with your real name or pen name & your email address (we'll only use it to let you know if your submission has been accepted — but feel free to put in a fake email like no@example.com).

  2. Click “Start Writing” to be taken to the submission editor. Draft out your thoughts there. When you're ready, click the “Publish” icon in the top right.

  3. Once your submission has been sent, we'll review it and inform you via your provided email address if the work has been accepted. Once accepted, your entry will be published on Read Write.as under the #writing section.